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Corporate Selection Procedure

CV Screening

At this stage, we focus on the following aspects.
1. Education qualification at leading higher institute and a high average GPA
2. Work experience at companies with a quality recruitment process and good learning and development program.
3. Logical career & professional development and career moves.
4. A successful track record.
5. Work experience described in terms of achievements rather than functions.

Written Case (Sometimes)

The case will be sent to you via email in the form of a home task due by the agreed date.
The written case is an opportunity for us to get a better understanding of your grasp of the subject. You will be given some data about a client case and timeline to answer the questions with your solution in PDF slides in Russian. We will assess your case taking into account the following criteria:
1. Storyline.
2. Logical presentation and user-friendly navigation between slides.
3. Good visualization and appropriate use of graphs.
4. Assumptions and conclusions based on facts.
5. A basic understanding of the industry, based on research from open sources.
6. Appropriate sources of information.
7. Correct grammar and spelling.

Group Discussion

Batch wise Group discussions on the different topics to know the knowledge of the student about the relevant topic, to know the communication skills


Please be prepared for the behavioral-based part of the interview: think about situations where you have demonstrated the skill-set required for the position you are applying for.
Be prepared to discuss also your background, experience, motivation, career and professional development rationale and examples of projects you have worked on that are relevant to the Strategy group. 

Our Recruiters

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