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Guidance and Counseling


1. The basic purpose of a guidance and counselling programme is to ensure the physical, emotional, social, and educational development of learners. Since primary school students spend most of the school day with just a few teachers, these teachers are in a favourable position to perform their role as a counsellor for their students. They can assume their counselling role at two levels – B-School and Classroom.
2. At B- School level, their role as counsellor will be oriented towards the more general and common problems of management student.
3. In contrast, their role as classroom counsellor will be slanted towards the more specific and individual problems of their students.
4. Our Institute conduct career counselling for MBA students who are about to participate in the placement sessions of the global B-Schools.
5. Our MBA counselling experts guide B-school applicants how to undertake their studies, what specializations to select, which electives to choose in alignment with their short-term and long-term goals.
6. We offer our counselling service to students who are facing the dilemma regarding whether to change the company, function, industry and job profiles.
7. We also provide counselling services to student who wants to seek guidance in terms of intermediate term career planning.
8. Our MBA admission cell also helps student who face crisis situation and require consulting to deal with peculiar organizational problems.


1. Prepares students for the challenges of the future by supporting their academic, career, and personal / social development and community participation.
2. Teaches the skills for a lifetime of learning, career self-management, and social interaction.
3. Relates their management program to next steps and future success.
4. Broadens knowledge of our changing world.
5. Facilitates career exploration and planning.
6. Assures equitable access to opportunities.

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