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The institute Administrative office remains opens for the students from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. This helps the students to complete their admission process, documentation as per their convenience.
Non-teaching and the Administrative staff is one who actually looks after the student’s entry to exit process. There are various things which the administrative looks after once the student seeks admission in our college as per the DTE rules. The institute Non- teaching staff looks after All the documentation process such as:

1. Admission Guidance
2. Provides college information
3. Verification and Collection of documents required from the students to complete the admission procedure.
4. Guiding the students regarding various important online / off line form filling during their four semesters in the college.
5. Examination forms are filled and results are distributed, various exam related work such as Revaluation, Photocopy is also taken care of.
6. Various Scholarship /Free ship / EBC forms are distributed and collected on time from the students. So, that student can avail the benefits of the various schemes.
7. Hostel Facilities are also looked after.
8. Administrative staff guides the students for taking Bank Loans for Educational purpose.
9. They issue Leaving, Transfer Certificate, Fee structure, Attestation of documents, provide Address Proof to the students, Provide E Banking information to students to pay their fees online to avoid inconvenience as it is suitable for students.

Office Administrative staff acts as a Backbone for the institute. It has good rapport among the students and staff member as it provides timely help to everyone.

Institutions Rules and Regulations

Admission will be strictly as per the norms laid down by the competent authorities.
Application form is to be filled in by the candidate in his / her own handwriting using ballpoint pen and countersigned as surety by the parents / guardians.
It will be the responsibility of the candidate / parents to submit proper documents on the stipulated date. Any attempt to submit false documents, will lead to cancellation of the admission by the competent authorities of the Institute / College. If required / deemed fit, even criminal proceedings may be initiated by the management.
Selected candidates will have to join the Institute / College on the stipulated date.
All Admissions are confirmed subject to the candidate fulfilling all the prescribed eligibility criteria as decided by the competent authorities and payment of requisite fees.
Fees is payable by Cash / D.D. / Bank Transfer.
The students are expected to attend all the classes regularly.
The students have to attend all the program, seminars and events conducted by the College / Institute.
The student would be eligible to appear for the University Examination, unless he / she has paid all his / her dues, completed his / her term work and must have registered minimum 75% attendance a s per the University norms.
The Student must be present for all the classes test, mid-term test, tutorials, etc.
Attending all the seminars, group-discussions, visits, work-shops, presentations, guest-lectures, yoga, visits, orientation programs, soft skills programs, role plays, additional input classes etc. are compulsory. The students have to report to their respective classroom for lectures at least 5 to 10 minutes before the session starts in order not to disturb the faculty and students, who are already in the class. 
Internal marks will be granted to the student on the basis of his / her attendance, assignments, continual evaluation and performance during the tutorials/ internal examination.
All the students will maintain their own records & personal file about admission, fee receipt, prospectus, industry visit reports, guest lecture notes etc.
All the students are required to submit assignments, appear for Internal Exams, Field Work, and Project etc. as per the stipulated time and norms of the course and the Institute / College subject to satisfactory attendance requirements. Please refer to the Institute's / College notice boards for schedules.
All students must complete their homework / assignments given by the faculty and submit the same before deadline date.
College conducts various co-curricular, cultural and extracurricular activities in the college round the year and your participation in the same is mandatory for your overall holistic development.
Failed students will be permitted to appear for the examination as per the rules laid down by Savitribai Phule Pune University.
All the students are expected to be well groomed and well behaved within the College premises.
All the students are required to carry the College Identity Card on person within the College premises.
All the students should be in prescribed uniform as per the Dress Code. All the students will maintain strict discipline as per the direction of competent authorities as well the organizational authorities, Head of the Institution / College & Head of the Departments.
The students can access our Internet Lab and Library in the campus before and after your classes as per the time table displayed.  You may use the Wi Fi facility provided in the campus.
It is necessary to have your Library Card with you, when you are using Library / Reading room in the campus.
In case of damage to property or equipment’s of the Institute by you, you will be liable for fine as per the norms of the Institute / College. Ragging, smoking, use of mobiles, consumption of tobacco, and consumption of alcoholic drinks / drugs is strictly prohibited in the campus, hostel and vicinity of the campus.  Strict actions will be taken against those who will indulge in such activities.
No student is allowed to use Mobile phones during lecturers and other academic activities in the College premises. Offenders will be punished & the mobile phone may be confiscated.
The students must wear the prescribed college uniform on all weekdays, except Wednesday and Saturday.
It is your responsibility to read notices on the notice boards for the latest activities / instructions by the Institution/ College. Parents/Guardians should to keep in touch with the College regularly with regard to the progress of their ward.
Any change either in local or permanent address of the student should be informed to the concerned clerk in the Institute office so that the normal contact with him/her is not interrupted.

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