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In today’s world pedagogy plays a vital role in the teaching learning process in the educational environment. To increase the standard of quality of the post graduate MBA students, there are many methods which are used by the college for the better education. The various methods used in MBA programme are as follows:
The types listed below are the most common teaching methods you will find in MBA programs.


Lectures are probably the most common teaching method found in the MBA course. With this format, students are typically greeted by slides via a PowerPoint presentation during the lecture and engage with content through this mechanism. Lectures tend to be more of a “lean back” or passive experience that is driven more by the professor. This teaching method will be the most natural to students as it is very similar to the way many undergraduate classes are structured.

Case Study:

The case study format involves a professor leading the students through a historical analysis of a business situation. The “cases” are largely the situations of the past and the present problems and students are expected to come up with a solution to some of history’s toughest business problems. Cases are commonly used as the driver for interactive classroom discussions and there is an expectation of strong class participation from all students.

Experiential Learning:

One of the more truly immersive teaching methods is experiential learning. This method allows students to operate within a specific topical area or industry of interest. Classes ending with the moniker “lab” fall into this bucket. The internship programs, Industrial visits fall into this category. This method is all about learning while doing, a trend that continues to grow in many MBA programs.